Chef Ja-Ron is an American chef who specializes in providing clients with a wide variety of food choices. His charm and passion accommodates his drive for preparing the most desirable dishes possible. Since a kid, every time Ja'Ron's mother would enter the kitchen he would tag along.
“I found out early that if I was in the kitchen while my mom
was cooking, I got extra perks: licking the bowl, spoon
and tasting the food before it was ready to be served.
I soaked up what my mother taught me like a sponge.”
Chef Ja'Ron later became highly respected and well known professionally throughout the Indy Car Race Circuit and also
the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL.

In high school Ja-Ron was an advent enrollee into the Vocational Food Service program where his passion
for cooking grew stronger. While excelling in class amongst peers under the tullidge of Chef Richard Bishop, Ja-Ron
quickly enrolled into Sullivan University where he
graduated with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in the spring of 2003.

During Ja'Ron’s 17 year career as a Chef, aside from countless other roles and ventures, they're a few executive chef positions that stands out amongst them all. He has served as the personal chef for numerous Indy Car Race Teams, as well a
personal chef for Indianapolis Colts player Clent Session and more. Chef Ja' Ron continues to advance his craft by perfecting the skill of infusing various choice cuisines with cannabis. Their is no doubt that you will experience years of passion
and love in every single bite you endure.

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